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We offer different courses for aspiring freelancers looking to start their journey on the right foot

General Virtual Assistance

Learn the basics of freelancing and establishing your online career with this comprehensive coursework

Fundamentals of Copywriting

Take your writing career up a notch with our in-depth but inexpensive copywriting course

Amazon Virtual Assistance

Become a master of Amazon and earn the most in-demand skill today

Social Media Marketing

Help clients achieve maximum visibility online by learning the ins and outs of social media marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Propel a website’s ranking on Google search results by mastering search engine optimization

Web Design & Development

Design stunning websites with our in-depth curriculum focused on the WordPress platform

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SFA's Valuable Coaches

Our unmatched panel of coaches have multiple years of experience in freelancing and have mastered the craft they are in.

Coach Maia is the ‘jill of all trades’. For 10 years, she has trained and mastered the nitty gritty of virtual assistance, e-commerce, marketing, and design. 

Coach Maia

Marketing & Design Expert
General VA, Social Media Marketing, & Copywriting 

Coach Gessa is an Amazon specialist, focusing on managing  Amazon Seller Central for several clients. She’s also multi-skilled, having worked as a freelancer for 9 years.

Coach Gessa

Amazon Expert
The Flightpath to Becoming an Amazon VA

Stellar Freelancing Academy has helped 200+ freelancers land their very first job online while taking care of their loved ones.

You could be the next freelancer that enjoys financial freedom, works anywhere you like, and hustling on your dream job.


If you’re tired of going back and forth the traffic to get to the office…

Hate the low local salary…

Despise the fact of leaving your kids at home…


With freelancing, you can savor a convenient life that goes according to your rules.

As freelancing coaches with over 10 years of experience, Stellar Freelancing Academy can help you achieve this — the right and surefire way. We’ll help and walk you through the process so you don’t have to experience trial and error and skyrocket your career more progressively. 

What Our Mentees Are Saying

Hired after taking the GVA course!

Thanks to Coach Maia, got hire after my one-on-one coaching session with her! I learned so much from this course and she’s one chat away in case I have questions. Keep the fire burning, Stellar Freelancing Academy!

Lara Ogatis

Virtual Assistant

The lessons are very easy to understand!

I’ll recommend this especially to freelancers who seek financial and time freedom. The coaches are very approachable and they will really do their best to reach your goals. Also, the lessons are easy to understand and you will really learn as they will provide quizzes for you to take at the end of the lessons. PS. Thank you coach Maia for guiding me all the way!

Joy Pagtalunan

Social Media Manager

SFA has helped me win my first job!

Stellar Freelancing academy headed by Ms. Maia Estrera is one of a kind. This academy really helps me on how to win my first job as Virtual Assistant. Highly recommended! The mentors are really hands on to their students. Kudos!

Joane Labog

Restaurant Supervisor

Super nice and approachable!

To upskill and learn something doesn’t have to be expensive. Here at Stellar, different courses are offered at a very affordable price. Coach Maia will assist you and she’s super nice and approachable! She’s always ready to help and guide you.

Eva Michelle Vasquez

ESL Teacher

Highly recommended!

I was so nervous at first, but when I met Coach Maia, she helped me a lot. She is very approachable and so inspiring but still maintain a good standard all over the course. Learning practically at Stellar is the best way for me since I am just starting my path on this industry. I highly recommend Stellar Freelancing Academy for those who plan to excel in this field. I can assure you guys that after training, they will still continue helping you.

Rhiz David

Customer Support

The coaches are amazing!

Learn and gain more techniques about freelancing with Stellar Freelancing Academy. Owner Ms. Maia and other coaches are amazing! They will help you a lot to enhance your skills, help you reach your goals and provide new learnings in any aspects of freelancing. Big thanks to the family!

Congrace Evangelista

Customer Support

Consistent and hands-on coaching!

Maia is lovely and had REALLY given time to me and helped me to think through with what I really need and which areas to prioritize. We sometimes chat about our lives and shared a bit about our personal endeavors. She took the mentorship very seriously and is consistent in making a follow-up. Overall, I commend her for a job well done!

Jade Pineda

School Teacher

Approachable and motivating!

I love how approachable Maia is, and I don’t feel intimidated to ask questions because she answers them well. She is also very organized and direct to the point. I learn the things I need to learn, and I am given a proper explanation as to why those are necessary. Above all, I am encouraged and motivated to actually put everything to practice. I am assured that she has my back, and I am really grateful.

Levi Grace

ESL Teacher

Meet the Founder

Hi! I’m Maia, and I’ve been hustling in the virtual world for 10 years now. One decade ago, I am just like you — I have no idea about freelancing and I didn’t know that it is REALLY possible to earn a 6-digit salary online. 

Fast forward 2021, I now have my own home, outsourcing agency, and an online learning platform. All these are possible — thanks to freelancing.

With the right skills, knowledge, determination, and guidance from us, you too can achieve the financial freedom and be with your family 24/7.

I, together with my fellow freelancing coaches, will assist you every step of the way, so you can start earning at home as fast as possible.

Rest assured, we’ll never stop until you get the job you’ve always wanted.

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