About SFA

Our Story

We used to be like you (or maybe worse). We’ve experienced the struggles and misery of being unemployed. 

Years ago, we don’t have anything to our name — no house, own computer, or savings in the bank. Then, came freelancing.

As time went on, we’ve experienced convenience and were able to support and be there for our kids 24/7.

As our skills increase, our rate skyrocketed as well. Now, we have our own home, multiple computers and gadgets, and most importantly, savings that we can rely on for emergencies.

We want you to experience the same financial freedom we are experiencing.

Our aim is to help each and every aspiring freelancer gain as many skills as possible so they can get paid the salary they deserve. From gaining new skills up to the job applications, we offer 360-degree support to SFA mentees.

In 14 days or less, we guarantee you’d be ready for the road ahead!

SFA's Valuable Coaches

Our unmatched panel of coaches have multiple years of experience in freelancing and have mastered the craft they are in.

Coach Maia is the ‘jill of all trades’. For 10 years, she has trained and mastered the nitty gritty of virtual assistance, e-commerce, marketing, and design. 

Coach Maia

Marketing & Design Expert
General VA, Social Media Marketing, & Copywriting 

Coach Gessa is an Amazon specialist, focusing on managing  Amazon Seller Central for several clients. She’s also multi-skilled, having worked as a freelancer for 9 years.

Coach Gessa

Amazon Expert
The Flightpath to Becoming an Amazon VA

What We Do

Check out my valuable services and let me know how I can help.

I’m a content writer/web designer/social media manager/graphic designer and agency owner.

I can help you become a stellar freelancer that strikes wherever and whenever. I’d like to help you experience the freedom — physically and financially — that are brought by freelancing.

I’ve worked with prominent brands such as Shopify, Empire Flippers, and Amazing.com.

This proves my expertise and ability to help and share knowledge.

Aside from coaching aspiring freelancers, I offer a wide array of services and love to take on new work challenges.

I am open to web development and bulk content writing projects. I also help out professionals — freelancer or not — create an impressive resume that surely makes the cut.

Need Advice?

If you need an expert tip on how to go about freelancing, feel free to message us via FB Messenger.