How Much Do Freelancers Make in 2023? A Guide for Filipino Freelancers

The pandemic has brought about a new normal. It has fueled rapid growth in the freelancing sector, with an online job platform noting a 22% increase in the first year, in 2020.

With the freedom to choose jobs that offer great pay and flexible schedules, more people are looking to join the growing gig economy. The market for talented freelance professionals is expected to grow further as businesses are starting to adapt to a hybrid setup.

Statistics for the Filipino Freelancing Market

Source: Upwork
  • Data from the 2018 Paypal Global Freelancer Insights Report reveals there were 1.5 to 2 million Filipino freelancers before the pandemic, comprising about 2% of the population.
  • Technology and finance remain the top two industries for new freelancers.
  • The Freelance Forward: 2021 from online job platform Upwork notes that freelancing is a viable career path, especially in regions with low domestic opportunities. The Philippines is one of the countries with the fastest growth in terms of earnings.

This trend shows that the boom in freelancing isn’t limited to a single country or region. Even in 2022, there remains a lot of potential for talented professionals to become freelancers. More and more companies are seeing the value offered by hiring skilled and experienced professionals in remote working arrangements, even if those talents are from the other side of the world.

How Much Do Freelancers Make in a Month?

A report from the National Wages and Productivity Commission reveals that an average Filipino freelancer works 32 hours per week, with longer working hours corresponding to more earnings. However, exceptions to this are freelancers earning more than  P100,000. They usually work shorter hours but command higher rates. Whereas average freelancers earn between $9 to $10 per hour, specialists and experienced members of the gig economy can charge up to $50 per hour.

It is also important to recognize that the average pay for freelancers varies depending on many factors. The locations of the freelancer and the client to the nature of the work are some factors affecting revenue.

Furthermore, experience plays a large role in determining pay levels across different types of work. Generally, expertise in freelancing can be divided into three levels:

  • Basic/Entry-level – This usually refers to professionals new to the freelancing industry. They have relevant skills and experience but are primarily new to remote teams worldwide and the unique tools and setup.
  • Mid-level – Mid-level freelancers are professionals with more, often specialized experience and credentials. It might include professional niche writers, who are a step above common content writers.
  • Expert Level – With the highest level of talents available, expert freelancers usually work on executing your vision rather than performing specific tasks. For example, niche content planners can develop entire SEO strategies for a business or a website instead of simply writing content.

Essentially, it takes time, experience, and investment in oneself if you’re looking at how to become a highly-paid freelancer. Additionally, specific job platforms maintain rigorous hiring procedures to ensure that only the top professionals in their field are invited to their roster.

Top-Paying Freelancing Jobs

The specific job or profession also affects the rate you can expect from your freelancing. Below are some of the highest-paying jobs:

1. Web Development: ₱59,700

As businesses shift into cyberspace, websites are becoming high in demand. This makes the critical person for building them, the web developers, among the top-paying professionals. This remains one of the top industries allowing freelancers to make good money.

Current skills for web developers include using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or other content management systems. Programming skills in languages such as HTML, PHP, and CSS are also highly sought-after in this industry.

2. Content Writers: ₱58,700

Aside from proper web development, websites need to pull in traffic. More website visitors mean greater chances of converting them into potential sales. To attract visitors, writers are tasked with creating blog posts and web content optimized for search engines.

Aside from online content, writers are also required for several other applications such as journalism and literature-related tasks.

3. English Teaching Jobs: ₱56,100

Restrictions on in-person events have highlighted the potential for remote learning. Teachers have had to adapt rapidly to changes in the educational setup. On the plus side, remote learning has opened freelancing opportunities for skilled teachers on the global market.

Aside from professional teachers, people fluent in English are finding opportunities as ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers. There are only tutorial platforms for people good at science, history, or even art.

4. Graphic Designers: ₱42,700

Graphic design remains a highly-valued skill, especially in the digital age. From websites to social media, visual arts have become increasingly important in a world with limited opportunities to capture the market’s attention.

5. Virtual Assistants: ₱32,703

If you’re looking for a spot in the freelancing industry, you might want to check out being a virtual assistant. There are a lot of opportunities available, ranging from supporting startups to working as assistants to multinational companies.

Although it heavily relies on one’s communication and organizational skills, it is important to note that being a virtual assistant covers a lot of activities. From composing to sending emails, the nature of the work largely differs depending on the client.

Final Words

As more businesses and organizations are opening up to new work arrangements and technologies, more freelancing opportunities become available to skilled and experienced professionals worldwide. It has the potential for great pay, depending on the nature of work and skill level.

If you’re looking to join the growing community, you might want to brush up on marketable skills that are definitely in demand in the current market. From being a virtual assistant to creating catchy graphic materials, Stellar Freelancing Academy has the right online courses for you. Enroll in our comprehensive online courses and start your high-paying online career.

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