General Virtual Assistant Masterclass


Learn email marketing, image editing, social media marketing, website creation, and how to start a virtual assistant business in this intensive online masterclass.

Start your career in freelancing with this in-depth online curriculum for aspiring freelancers. It’s the perfect course if you are:

  • A career shifter with previous work in BPO, office, etc.
  • A mom with little ones
  • An unemployed individual looking for an income stream
  • An employed worker looking for an extra income

What You’ll Learn

  • Module 1: Introduction to General Virtual Assistance
  • Module 1.1: What’s a Virtual Assistant and What are the Jobs They Do?
  • Module 2: How To Become A Virtual Assistant
  • Module 2.1: Where to Get Clients as a Virtual Assistant
  • Module 2.2: How to Sign Up and Get Approved on Upwork
  • Module 2.3: How to Sign Up on
  • Module: 2.4: How to Sign Up on LinkedIn
  • Module 3: What is a Portfolio?
  • Module 3.1: Definition of Porfolio
  • Module 3.2: Where to Upload Portfolio Items
  • Module 4: Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Module 4.1: How to Create a Signup Form on Mailchimp
  • Module 4.2: How to Create a Newsletter on Mailchimp
  • Module 5: Basic Graphic Design
  • Module 5.1: Designing Social Media Image via Canva
  • Module 5.2: Designing Social Media Image via Photoshop
  • Module 6: Basic Social Media Management
  • Module 6.1: Creating a Facebook Page for Business
  • Module 6.2: Creating an Instagram Account
  • Module 6.3: What is a Content Calendar?
  • Module 6.4: Creating a Content Calendar on Canva
  • Module 7: Starting a Virtual Assistant Business
  • Module 7.1: Getting Paid as a Freelancer
  • Module 7.2: Creating a Paypal Freelancer Account
  • Module 7.3: Creating a Payoneer Account
  • Module 7.4: Creating an Invoice via PayPal
  • Module 7.5: Creating an Invoice via Payoneer
  • BONUS: Creating a website on WordPress

The Perks

Here are the inclusions/freebies once you do decide to enroll here at SFA:

  • 34 lessons/19 video courses
  • A shiny certificate
  • Freelancer starter pack
  • Templates for job applications
  • Full support after the training
  • Exclusive access to SFA’s Facebook Community
  • Weekly webinars with the coach

Once done with the course, we don’t stop there. We offer support up until you find the job you deserve for FREE. Get started by clicking Enroll Now!


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