The WordPress Design & Development Bootcamp


Learn how to build stunning WordPress sites in this in-depth coursework instructed by WP Developer/Coach Maia.

Want to build stunning websites and learn web design at a fraction of the price? We got just the course for you!

This course is ideal for

  • Aspiring WordPress developers with a passion for building stunning and functional websites
  • Career shifters with previous work in BPO, office, etc.
  • Moms with little ones
  • Unemployed individuals looking for an income stream
  • Employed workers looking for an extra income

What you’ll learn

Module 1.0 Introduction to WordPress Design & Development
  • Navigating the WP Developer Course
  • Introduction to WordPress Design & Development
  • The Perks of Becoming a WP Developer
  • How to Become a WordPress Developer
  • Web Design & Development Terms and Definitions
  • Downloadables
Module 2.0 Establishing Online Profiles
  • How to Create an Approved Account on Upwork
  • How to Create an Account on Online Jobs
  • How to Create an Account on LinkedIn
  • WordPress Setup and Installation
  • How to Buy Website Hosting and Domain
  • How to Install Plugins
  • How to Install WordPress on BlueHost
  • How to Install WordPress on Hostinger
Module 3.0 WordPress and Client’s Branding
  • What is Website Branding?
  • How to Apply Branding to WordPress Using the Customize Option
  • Best Practices When Applying Client’s Branding Themes and Customization?
Module 4.0 What are WordPress Themes?
  • How to Install Themes and Demos
  • How to Customize Theme For a WordPress Site Web Design and Elementor?
Module 5.0 What is Elementor?
  • How to Create a Page from Scratch Using Elementor
  • How to Create and Use a Template
  • How to Create a Header Template
  • How to Create a Footer Template
  • Woocommerce Integration
Module 6.0 What is Woocommerce?
  • How to Add Woocommerce to WordPress
  • How to Add a Product
  • How to Set Up Payment Methods
  • Testing Payment Methods
Module 7.0 Mobile Responsiveness
  • What is a Mobile-Responsive Website?
  • How to Make a WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly
  • Best Practices for Creating Mobile-Responsive Websites
Module 8.0 Basic Website Troubleshooting
  • Common Issues on WordPress Sites and Their Fixes
  • Debugging Tools for WordPress Developers
Module 9.0 WordPress SEO
  • What is SEO?
  • SEO Terms and Definitions
  • How to Optimize Pages for SEO
BONUS MODULE: Establishing Your Career as a Web Developer
  • How to Create A Portfolio
  • How to Create an Impressive Resume
  • How to Create a Rate Card/Pricing
  • How to Market Yourself as a WordPress Developer