About SFA's Internship Program

Jumpstart your freelancing journey

By getting a comprehensive course and attending the internship for one-month!

The training comes with the following inclusions:

How does the internship process go?

Here’s how the internship work:

  1. Enroll in the course by visiting this link.
  2. Proceed to checkout and pay the enrollment fee.
  3. Join our Facebook groups and Skype group chat.
  4. Access the course here.
  5. Attend the internship once it starts.
  6. Submit the deliverables to the coach.
  7. Get feedback and do revisions if needed.
  8. Request for the certificate and contact us on Messenger to get your certificate.

Why enroll in Stellar Freelancing Academy?

We offer affordable rates with valuable skills, knowledge, and support

Here are some of the reasons why we are trusted by 1600+ enrollees

1. We're friendly and approachable.

We are not all about making profits. We care about your progress more than anything, this is why we are constantly available to help every time you need us.

2. We're skilled and experienced.

Backed by multiple years in the field of freelancing, we impart valuable knowledge and insider tips so new freelancers can conquer the industry armed with the necessary information.

3. We're hands-on and offer unlimited support.

We do more than just developing courses — we will guide you all throughout your journey so you don’t have to deal with trial and error. We’ll review your profiles and cover letters so you can get hired in no time, even when you’re done with the course.

4. Our courses are straightforward and affordable.

Theories are great, but we prefer that you learn the actual job itself so you can save time and start earning the soonest possible. We also provide your tools so you can practice the skills you’ve learned right off the bat. All these and more for very affordable rates.

How to enroll

To become eligible of the free internship, simply follow the steps below

1. Add your course to cart.

Add your desired course to cart and proceed to checkout.

2. Send payment to BPI or GCash.

Click the button below to view our payment details.

3. Contact us on Messenger.

Let us know your interest to become part of the internship program and send the payment proof via Messenger. Click the button below to speak with us.

4. Get access to the courses.

We will add the courses to your account once payment is verified. Then you can start learning. Join the internship after taking the courses.

Questions or inquiries?

Ask us via Messenger and we will gladly assist you