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General Virtual Assistant Mini Course

Course Lessons
  • General Virtual Assistant Job Description
  • How much do General VAs make?
  • The Demand for General VAs
  • Common General Virtual Assistant Tasks
  • Schedule Management
  • Booking flights and accommodations
  • Email Management
  • File Management
  • File Management Tools and Tips
  • Online Research
  • Content Writing
  • Types of Web Content
  • Tools for Content Writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Top Social Media Platforms
  • Graphic Design
  • Top Graphic Design Tools
  • Blog Management via WordPress
  • Top Freelancing Platforms
  • How to Create an Excellent Freelancer Profile
  • Tips to Become a Successful Freelancer
  • How to Create an Attention-Grabbing Proposal/Cover Letter

What is a general virtual assistant?

A General Virtual Assistant helps multiple aspects of the business. This may include day-to-day tasks and other clerical tasks that require immediate action.

General VAs are professional assistants that can help with tasks related to the client’s professional life or personal life. They work remotely and they have a well-rounded skill set and knowledge of business processes. They also help the client with all of their errands and personal tasks such as managing schedules, planning trips, and booking flights.

Starting as a general VA is highly recommended if you are a beginner and still figuring out the area to specialize in. As you go along, you can work on varied tasks and then figure out the niche that works best for you.

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