The Fundamentals of Freelance Writing


Copywriting is a profitable online career as the demand for it never ceases. As long as there are websites, there will be a need for copywriters. Learn how to jumpstart your career in copywriting, and how to establish your deliverables with proper price tags in this in-depth tutorial.

Become a freelancer with just a computer, internet, and research and English skills with this in-depth copywriting coursework. Select this course if you are:

  • An aspiring writer with a passion for drafting winning articles
  • A career shifter with previous work in BPO, office, etc.
  • A mom with little ones
  • An unemployed individual looking for an income stream
  • An employed worker looking for an extra income

What you’ll learn

  • Module 1: Introduction to Copywriting
  • Module 1.1: Navigating Through the Copywriting Course
  • Module 1.2: What is Copywriting
  • Module 1.3. Copywriting Glossary: Terms & Definitions
  • Module 1.4: How to Become a Copywriter & Writer Specializations
  • Module 1.5: How Much Do Copywriters Earn?
  • Module 2: Things to Know Before Starting a Writing Career
  • Module 2.1: How to Become an Efficient Copywriter
  • Module 2.2:  Skills of a Successful Copywriter
  • Module 2.3: Copywriting Tools
  • Module 2.4: Copywriting Tones
  • Module 2.5: Copywriting Voices
  • Module 2.6: Copywriting Points of View (POV)
  • Module 2.7: Creating Profiles on Upwork and Other Freelancing Platforms
  • Module 3: Getting to Know Keywords
  • Module 3.1: What is a Keyword?
  • Module 3.2 How to Use Keywords
  • Module 3.3: How to Do Keyword Research
  • Module 3.4: Keyword Research Tools
  • Module 4: How to Write Winning Content
  • Module 4.1: The Different Types of Content
  • Module 4.2: How to Write a Blog Post
  • Module 4.3: How to Write a Press Release
  • Module 4.4: How to Write a Product Description
  • Module 4.5: How to Write a Social Media Post
  • Module 4.6: How to Write a Web Copy
  • Module 5: Copywriting Hacks and Best Practices
  • Module 5.1: Copywriting Tips
  • Module 5.2: Copywriting Pricing Guide
  • Module 5.3: Establishing a Copywriting Business
  • Module 5.4: How to Create A Freelancer Account on PayPal
  • Module 5.5: How to Create A Freelancer Account on Payoneer
  • Module 5.6: How to Create an Invoice on PayPal
  • Module 5.7: How to Create an Invoice on Payoneer

The perks

  • 40 in-depth lessons/video tutorials
  • Freelancing tools
  • Application guides and templates
  • Full support after the training
  • Exclusive access to SFA’s Facebook Community
  • Weekly webinars with the coaches

With internship, No internship