Stellar Freelancing Academy

The Flightpath to Becoming an Amazon Virtual Assistant


Learn the ins and outs of Amazon Seller Central, including the tools and tricks to manage a successful store in the e-commerce platform.

This course is ideal for

  • A career shifter with previous work in BPO, office, etc.
  • A mom with little ones
  • An unemployed individual looking for an income stream
  • An employed worker looking for an extra income

What you’ll learn

  • Module 1.0 Introduction to the Amazon VA Course
  • Module 1.1 Navigating Through the Amazon VA Course
  • Module 1.2 Common Tasks of an Amazon Virtual Assistant
  • Module 1.3 How to Sign Up on Freelancing Platforms
  • Module 1.3 How to Become an Amazon Virtual Assistant
  • Module 1.4 Amazon Terms and Definitions
  • Module 1.5 Downloadables
  • Module 2.0 Amazon Seller Central Overview
  • Module 2.1 The Various Functions of Amazon Seller Central
  • Module 2.2 Familiarizing with the Functions of Seller Central
  • Module 2.3 Getting a Child Access to Your Client’s Seller Central Account
  • Module 2.4 The Basic Parts of An Amazon Listing
  • Module 3.0 Product Listing Basics
  • Module 3.1 How to Create an FBA/FBM Listing
  • Module 3.2 The Purpose of UPCs Purchased Straight From GS1
  • Module 3.3 The Dos and Don’ts of Product Listing
  • Module 3.4 How to Create a Parent-Child Listing Through the Dashboard
  • Module 4.0 Basic Product Sourcing
  • Module 4.1 Ways to Search for Potential Products
  • Module 4.2 How to Verify If the Item is Profitable
  • Module 4.3 The Importance of Patent Checking for Private Labels
  • Module 5.0 Shipping Plan Creation
  • Module 5.1 How to Create a Shipping Plan
  • Module 5.2 How to Ship Inventory to One Warehouse
  • Module 5.3 How to Do an FBA Shipment Reconciliation
  • Module 6.0 Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • Module 6.1 Overview of the Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • Module 6.2 Creating an Automatic Campaign
  • Module 6.3 Creating a Manual Campaign
  • Module 6.4 Creating Promotional Codes
  • Module 7.0 Amazon Seller Central Account Maintenance
  • Module 7.1 Customer Support Overview
  • Module 7.2 Managing Negative Customer Feedback
  • Module 7.3 Managing Negative Product Reviews on Product Listing
  • Module 7.4 Monitoring Account Health
  • Module 7.5 Preventing Account Suspension and Deactivation
  • Module 8.0 Amazon Order Processing
  • Module 8.1 What is Dropshipping?
  • Module 8.1 FBA to eCommerce fulfillment
  • Module 8.2 Shipping Label and Its Benefits
  • Module 8.3 Running Reports on Amazon and Reimbursements
  • Module 8.4 Generating and Downloading Sales and Inventory Reports

The perks

Here are the inclusions/freebies once you do decide to enroll here at SFA:

  • 45 lessons/video courses
  • A shiny certificate
  • Freelancer starter pack
  • Templates for job applications
  • Full support after the training
  • Exclusive access to SFA’s Facebook Community
  • Weekly webinars with the coach

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