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Thanks to Coach Maia, I got hired right after my one-on-one coaching session with her! I learned so much from this course and she’s one chat away in case I have questions. Keep the fire burning, Stellar Freelancing Academy!
Lara Ogatis
Hired as a virtual assistant
I’ll recommend this especially to freelancers who seek financial and time freedom. The coaches are very approachable and they will really do their best to reach your goals. Also, the online courses are easy to understand.
Joy Pagtalunan
Hired as a social media manager
Stellar Freelancing academy headed by Ms. Maia Estrera is one of a kind. This academy really helps me on how to win my first job as Virtual Assistant. Highly recommended!
Joane Labog
Hired as a virtual assistant
The academy helped me land clients in Upwork. Coaches are knowledgeable and very approachable. Highly recommended to newbies in freelancing!
Poly Filamor
Hired as a virtual assistant
Owner Ms. Maia and other coaches are amazing! They will help you a lot to enhance your skills, help you reach your goals and provide new learnings in any aspects of freelancing. Big thanks to the family!
Congrace Evangelista
Hired as a virtual assistant
I was so nervous at first, but when I met Coach Maia, she helped me a lot. She is very approachable and so inspiring but still maintain a good standard all over the online courses.
Rhiz Garcia
Hired as a cold caller

Find and win high-paying jobs in these prominent freelancing platforms

Our Online Courses

We offer different courses for aspiring freelancers looking to start their journey on the right foot

General Virtual Assistance

Learn the basics of freelancing and establishing your online career with this comprehensive coursework

The Fundamentals of Copywriting

Take your writing career up a notch with our in-depth but inexpensive copywriting course

Social Media Marketing: Proven Strategies for Business Growth

Help clients achieve maximum visibility online by learning the ins and outs of social media marketing

The Flightpath to Becoming an Amazon Virtual Assistant

Become a master of Amazon Seller Central and learn the most in-demand skill today

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

Propel a website’s ranking on Google search results by mastering search engine optimization

WordPress Design & Development

Design stunning websites with our in-depth curriculum focused on the WordPress platform

The Core Principles of Graphic Design

Learn how to design impeccable graphics with our in-depth course focused on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva

Our Free Tutorials on YouTube

Not ready to enroll yet? Check out our free courses on YouTube. 

How to Become a General VA

A general VA works on a variety of projects, typically in multiple fields. Learn the common tasks and how exactly to do them through this basic course for beginners.

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are one of the most powerful tools advertisers can use to reach their audience. Learn how to set up image and video-based ads in this quick tutorial.

Becoming a Content Writer

In this content writing course, you’ll learn the basics of the role of a content writer, a professional who writes fresh, engaging, and relevant pieces to promote a product.

Basic Social Media Management

This course contains the basics of SMM and will teach you the basics of how to manage accounts, with more advanced topics that will help you grow any business.

Stellar Freelancing Academy has helped 400+ freelancers land their very first job online while taking care of their loved ones

You could be the next freelancer that enjoys financial freedom, works anywhere you like, and hustling on your dream job.


If you’re tired of going back and forth the traffic to get to the office…

Hate the low local salary…

Despise the fact of leaving your kids at home…

You don’t have to!

With freelancing, you can savor a convenient life that goes according to your rules.

As freelancing coaches with over 10 years of experience, Stellar Freelancing Academy can help you achieve this — the right and surefire way. We’ll help and walk you through the process so you don’t have to experience trial and error and skyrocket your career more progressively. 

Why Stellar Freelancing Academy

Here’s why we’re highly recommended by 1000+ students

1. We're friendly and approachable.

We are not all about making profits. We care about your progress more than anything, this is why we are constantly available to help every time you need us.

2. We're skilled and experienced.

Backed by multiple years in the field of freelancing, we impart valuable knowledge and insider tips so new freelancers can conquer the industry armed with the necessary information.

3. We're hands-on and offer unlimited support.

We do more than just developing courses — we will guide you all throughout your journey so you don’t have to deal with trial and error. We’ll review your profiles and cover letters so you can get hired in no time, even when you’re done with the course.

4. Our courses are straightforward and affordable.

Theories are great, but we prefer that you learn the actual job itself so you can save time and start earning the soonest possible. We also provide your tools so you can practice the skills you’ve learned right off the bat. All these and more for very affordable rates.

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