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How to Create a Project Proposal/Pricing for Freelancers

After gaining the required skills and establishing their range of services, the next challenge for new freelancers is how to create a project proposal for the services they offer. Especially with the tough competition and cluelessness, it’s quite hard to come up with a concrete pricing scheme that’s just right for your skill level and services offered.

Things to consider when creating your pricing for freelance projects

There are ten things to take into account when pricing your online services. These are:

  1. Type project
  2. Job scope
  3. Your skill level
  4. Years of experience
  5. Work schedule
  6. Overhead costs such as utilities, equipment, etc.
  7. Transaction fees such as PayPal fees
  8. Taxes
  9. Benefits such as paid leaves, etc.
  10. Local employment rates

Below is a quick tutorial on how to create a project proposal, set your rates, and present them aesthetically through a rate card.

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